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Our Publications

Our Publications

We, as a group also focus on providing a dedicated medium to go through our events and happenings. To get people aware of the current technology and management reforms, we also offer our publication that focusses on the same. Some of those are:

Contemporary Management

The journal includes articles and papers on numerous topics related to the administration of reputable academicians. More than 200 B-schools in northern India have access to this publication, which has a solid reputation in academia.

Technical Journal

The bi-annual journal of computer science is called the Technical Journal of LBSIMDS. Academics and business experts are invited to submit papers, case studies, and book reviews for the journal on a variety of information technology-related topics. The Journal gives writers a forum to present their thoughts, connect with others in their industry, and learn about other people's perspectives.


The institution publishes a bi-annual newsletter called "Spandan" (the vibration) that serves as both a window into all of the activities that take place within the institute and a means of communication. It highlights the institute's recent accomplishments and raises awareness of the institute's efforts.

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