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In today’s era, change is the necessity of our existence, thoughts, emotions, opinions, perceptions, ideas and even our relationships. Though change is an inevitable process, yet it does not always come with ease.
“It is in those very moments when everything looks hopeless that we have a real chance to grow into something better: what a caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call a butterfly.”
~ Ed & Deb Shapiro
Everyone thinks of changing the world and its current situation progressively and would even have countless suggestions to do so. Masses are mostly aware about the existing problems and have several ways to stitch the torn but they resist taking accountability to do so.
It is well said,“Everyone wants to own the result, and nobody wants to own the process.”
We all want to take credits of the success but none of us wants to take the ownership of the initiation or the actual process and expect others to take the initiative and do the hard work.
Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” In the past Mahatma Gandhi had instilled positive vibes among the masses to unite and get back the freedom from the British Government. In doing so he changed his life before inspiring and motivating others to follow. To bring change in the society, change yourself first. Do not procrastinate your share of efforts while expecting what country will offer you and instead think of the ways you can support your nation and world at large. Nothing is as contagious as a smiling face and positive vibes; just spread it. Light the fire within yourself first; it will enlighten your surroundings.
There are plenty of issues in our society but only a handful of us are ready to take a stand to bring a change about them. In order to bring a real and positive change in the society, we must question ourselves: Did I change?  Is this change good? Am I better than yesterday? Am I contributing anything towards the society?

With this piece of writing, I want to share few instances where we need to
“be the change first”

Cities are urbanizing, people are migrating, villages are narrowing down and our cities are facing traffic chaos. Who likes to sit in a car for hours, waiting for the traffic to get smoother? Traffic issues emerge often because of the lawbreakers. Many of us break the red lights, park the vehicles at no parking zones, ride the vehicles on the footpaths, drive in one-way, etc. If we follow the rules, we can reduce this traffic congestion and make roads safer and smoother to walk and drive.
We abhor the sight of the dumped garbage on the roads and at the roadsides, in open plots and at other places. We often talk about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, complaining that the government is doing nothing but launching new policies. How many of us really see the garbage at the streets and doors and pick them up and throw them in the bin? Instead, many of us unconsciously throw the garbage and spit the drivel on the roads and the street walls. Can we vow to keep our roads and places clean? We must join hands and raise our voice to help the legislators to stop those who are dumping waste.
We preach to create sports, cultural and nation loving environment but a majority of the parents do not allow their children to pursue sports, theatre and defense as a career, as a result of such a mindset these opportunities go untapped. When parents start letting their kids to pursue the career of their choice it will result in India’s growth.
We blame the government for increasing the prices of the commodities but how many of us honestly pay the taxes to the government.
On one hand, we expect corruption to be wiped off from our country and, on the other hand we do not hesitate to offer bribe in order to get our work done. Irony!
Hence, Change yourself to see the change. We must stop the blame game and take the onus to contribute to the society with whatever effort  we can as every drop of water counts.

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” – Paulo Coelho

Vishakha Gupta
(Miss Vishakha is a Faculty of Management in Lal Bahadur Shastri Group of Institutions. She has hands on experience in corporate, entrepreneurship and academics. Her interest areas are Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour and Marketing Management.)

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