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Little did we know what 2020 had in store for us!
Identified during an investigation of an outbreak in Wuhan, China, Novel Coronavirus became the foundation of a transferable respiratory illness, that clutched its claw, quite firmly, on the entire globe!
Yes, the COVID-19 Pandemic has confined our existence. It has brought our lives to a halt.
Not to forget, in a nation where festivities form the cultural thread of sewing every individual together, the celebration of Holi being just round the corner, before the period of Lockdown hit India, college students were all prepped to work on their semester-end tasks, whether it was in concern to their enjoyment of holidays, watching their favourite series, working on their assignments or preparing for their approaching internal assessments.
They, however, never got the chance of actualising their deeds, their productivity.
Lockdown never allowed them to attend their college, back again!
Now, students, we know how sorrow and anxiousness must be crawling up your sleeves, but please do take a moment to be thankful for your healthy and safe existence.
Spite of everything, all we have been asked to do is to stay in our homes!
Why are we, therefore, considering this self-isolation as punishment? Isn’t it a boon for us, a time we have been gifted to revitalize our energies, to bring back tranquillity and balance to our existence?
So, let us spin the bottle and fabricate an optimistic approach to handle this situation.
Let us discover and delineate a list of tasks that we always wanted to work upon, but never got the time to do the specifics!
And, as students of the Best Girls Management College In Lucknow, Lal Bahadur Shastri Girls College Of Management, we are sure, you can effortlessly, ensure to inhale positivity and happiness in your lifestyle, even while facing such a crisis.
, Lal Bahadur Shastri Girls College of Management - LBSGCM

However, to ease your task, we have listed a few points that can help you in investing your time constructively, during this quarantine period:
De-Clutter And Organize Your life: Remember the cupboard and shelves, the ones that you always wanted to organize, but because of the tedious job, it could have been, circumvented? Well, now you’ve literally got all the time in the world to de-clutter every section of your room! Create three boxes: One in which, you can keep the stuff you still require, the other one in which you can arrange for objects to donate, and the third one for items that you want to get rid off! Thus, as soon as the Lockdown gets over, you can rail these boxes on their respective paths,

so that they could find their ultimate destinations!
At least the next time, when you’ll open your cupboards, you won’t be scared to death (and ironically being killed by it) after sighting all the piled up clothes and stuff.
, Lal Bahadur Shastri Girls College of Management - LBSGCM
Creativity Can Quench The Thirst Of Optimism:We’ve all had one hobby that helps us reduce our escalated levels of anxiety. So, be it painting, singing or cooking, it is a must for us to discover and work upon these activities, the ones that hold the power of acting as tranquillizers to our souls.
The challenging situation of COVID-19 has unquestionably reduced our levels of endorphins and dopamine. Though, such pursuits cannot solely make us happy, but can (if we look at the brighter side), turn out to be our passion too! We can, therefore, sculpture and transform these activities and create a career path for ourselves, in the same field, as well.
Personal Care heals Our Pain: Yes, it is true! When we focus on ourselves, on our appearance, on our smallest yet the most beautiful feature, we create the foundation of a system that heals our souls, enhances our confidence. So, take a long hot water bubble bath, catch up on your ZZZZssss, meditate and exercise to clear your mind!
, Lal Bahadur Shastri Girls College of Management - LBSGCM
These acts are, ordinarily, crunched because of our busy schedules of submitting assignments, attending seminars and performing our best in our internals! Therefore, catch-up with yourself! The whole routine can, indeed, heal your soul and, eventually, make you feel phenomenal about yourself!
, Lal Bahadur Shastri Girls College of Management - LBSGCM
Get In Touch With Your Old Friends:Remember the individuals with whom you used to spend eight hours of the day, five days a week? And then what about the time you preciously invested in the long two-three hours of evening phone call gossips? These individuals knew us in our age of innocence. They knew us to the core! Though the bustling college life has not supported us in keeping our promise (of being in touch with our old school friends), the COVID-19 Lockdown has gifted us an opportunity to meet our commitments! There might be some awkwardness in the beginning, but we can assure you, the initial five minutes of talk, can effortlessly, melt away the long-distance coldness.
They, too, might be facing the dilemma of calling you! So, pick up your phone and call them right away. Let go off your emotional baggage, friend!
, Lal Bahadur Shastri Girls College of Management - LBSGCM
Lend A Hand In Household Responsibilities:Social distancing and self-isolation is a rule to be followed by every single individual. Whether they are high-profile politicians and actors, middle-class workers, or even our house helps! Nobody is allowed to disobey the regulation

for the safety of society. Thus, knowing what the workload of house chores is, why don’t you lend a hand and help your family? You can learn to perform the primary activities of maintaining a home, and thereon, having to work outside the city, can acknowledge yourself for knowing every single deed, whether we talk about dusting the house, washing utensils, cooking lentils or even watering the plants! You have got, quite an opportunity, to discover what it is to live independently! Therefore, the aforementioned points can act as your support system to endure the period of Lockdown, quite cheerfully! And as the students of the Best Girls Institute In Lucknow, LBSGCM, we know you can, effortlessly, survive this period of crisis, in the most creative manner!

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