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It is the one who creates a vision, the one who influences others towards achieving a common goal, the one who never gives up! That individual is the one who evolves as the earnest LEADER of the moment!

Leaders evolve in the toughest situations. Their characteristics enhance and dilate during times of hardship. The charisma of the leaders has the potential to pull the crowd, inspire them and influence them.

But not every leader seizes the attention of the same group of beings. It is because of the approaches that different leaders adopt, that they attract and persuade different types of crowds.

LalBahadurShastri College of Girls Management counted amongst the Top Management Colleges in Lucknow teaches it students about the different ‘Leadership Styles’ assumed by innovators and influencers of the society.

Top 9 Notable Leadership Styles:

1. Autocratic Style:

Under this leadership approach, all the decisions are taken by the leaders solely. The decision-making process is quick. The leader does not require any suggestions from the subordinates.

This style fulfils the demands of a situation where quick resolutions to problems are required and when subordinates lack the experience to do so.

2. Bureaucratic Leadership:

Under this style, decisions are delegated according to the rank of a particular officer. The whole process of decision-making is dependent upon the hierarchy of authority. This style is best suited for government departments. The bond between the leader and subordinates is quite a formal one.

One needs to maintain proper records and documentation under this approach of leadership. This leadership style has a few loopholes. It postpones work and supports red-tapism.

3. Consultative Style:

The leader who assumes this style is quite a broad-minded one. He/ She consults the subordinates for any suggestions. It is upon the leader to act upon the advice proposed by the juniors. The leader is held responsible for the final act.

4. Participative Style:

This style is adopted by the leaders who have faith in their erudite subordinates. The leader believes in decentralized authority and wants to attain synergy of the whole group. He/ She asks the group to solve an obstacle and give them ample time to do so. The final decision is arrived at after a proper consultation session between the leader and the subordinates. Seniors and juniors share an informal relationship under this leadership style. Both the parties are held responsible for the final call on solving issues.

5. Laissez-faire Style:

Under this style, the subordinates are given the maximal freedom to make decisions that they think would best suit a specific situation.

The superior and the subordinate, both, share the responsibility of concluding upon a final decision. Subordinates can set policies and routines to solve a difficulty.

6. Paternalistic Leadership:

The paternalistic leader acts as the father figure to all the subordinates. He/ She seeks advice from the juniors but, eventually, takes a decision he/ she might think would be the best for the group. The leader is held responsible for the decision.

7. Sociocratic Style:

The leader works towards creating a social-friendly environment. He/ She is interested in the welfare of his/ her subordinates rather than the organization itself. The leader consults the subordinates during the process of decision-making.

8. Neurocratic Leadership:

The leadership style is quite an aggressive one. The leader is emotional and capricious. Neurocraticleaders take the decisions themselves, and in case of non-achievement of targets, they shift the responsibility on to their subordinates.

9. Situational Leadership:

Most efficient organizations adopt this style of leadership. The managers and executives examine the situation of a problem and assume the leadership role in accordance with the same.

Thus, these were the different styles of leadership.

LalBahadurShastri Girls of College Management, a Girls College for Management and the Best Institute in Lucknow throws light on these leadership styles. Thus, be a part of this institute and recognize which leadership approach could best suit your personality.

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