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One can clearly say that we allare way too engrossed in leading ourselves towards greater heights of numerous achievements. Though, in the process of doing so, we have somewhere lost a connect with our emotional quotients. And our busy schedules have not really helped us in realizing the utmost level to which we all have been stressed out.

Therefore, it has become extremely crucial for all of us to understand the various course of actions that can help us in bringing down our stress levels.

And LalBahadurShastri Girls’ College of Management, considered as the Best Girls Institute in Lucknow, knows the importance of the specific methods. That’s the reason the respective college educates its students about the same.
So, we must try to train our mind and heart to become more powerful. Following is a list of stress management techniques that can help in lowering down our stress level:

Action-Oriented Approaches:

1. Managing our time:

We must plan out and manage our daily routine. As we start organizing our tasks, we tend to meet our goals, the short term, as well as the long term ones. This whole process could give us a sense of fulfilment, thereby, aiding us in reducing our stress level.

2. Create Boundaries:

Our philosophy of leading our lives defines the way we are. We must acknowledge our internal set of directives. The particular rules would help us in creating peripheries on what behaviours we can accept from others and what we cannot. Whom shall we prioritize, how much distance shall we create from others, how much time we shall require to bounce back from sorrows; we shall have answers to all these questions. We must be clear about the answers. That’s the only way of living a stress-free life.

Emotion-Oriented Approaches:

1. ABC Technique:

The A of the technique stands for ‘Adversity’ or any Negative Event, B here fills in for ‘Beliefs’ and C stands here for ‘Consequences’. A theory initially developed by Dr. Albert Ellis, and later adapted by Martin Seligman, the technique states that if an individual has optimistic beliefs, he would bear the fruits of positive results. And so would be the case, vice-versa.

2. Cognitive Restructuring:

This technique helps in identifying, challenging and restructuring irrational and negative thoughts (known as cognitive distortions), into rational and constructive ones.

For example, a mid-management level employee has to give a presentation to the senior management heads of the company. His thinking would rather be an irrational one when he would doubt his ability to do so. However, if he could reframe his contemplation by reassuring himself of having made considerable efforts to give a satisfactory presentation, he would have worked upon his cognitive restructuring and converted his negative thought into a positive one.

cceptance-Oriented Approaches:

1. Exercise! Diet! Exercise!

When we exercise, we most definitely reduce stress. And come on! A good-looking physique and a balanced mind do add up for a deadly combination. And talking about balanced mind, how can we forget to have a balanced diet? It most definitely helps in reducing the anxiety creating toxins in our body.

2. Talk it out:

Sharing your issues and problems with others has been proven to be a great way to release stress. And, therefore, you too should make sure to talk about your worries with your close ones.

So, what are all you young girls waiting for? Enrol yourselves in LBSGCM, the Best Girls College for Management and learn the art adroitly reducing your stress level.

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