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Communication is one such factor of our existence that helps us in staying connected. It is through communication that we build relationships. Whether the communication is verbal or non-verbal, our dependency on the specific trait is quite immense. While all the other species of the Earth since the non-verbal cues of each other, we, as humans, are gifted with the facet of verbal communication. But, do we utilize our communication skills to our best.

Well, most of us become a mess while handling our personal relationship communication web. And weak communication patterns result in frail bondings, eventually, creating a crack amongst the individuals. Furthermore, while managing the operations of an organization, we too have to communicate all the salient details and trade secrets in the most effective and prudent manner. One blunder could result in a tremendous loss to the company. Thus, any communication strain could topple our personal and professional alliances.

An individual shall, therefore, imbibe the importance of the 7 C’s of Effective Communication. And, the Best Institute in Lucknow, LalBahadurShastri Girls College of Management realizes this fact. Thus, this particular Girls College for Management incorporates the topic of Elements of Purposeful Communication in its Course so as to disseminate the significant knowledge about the same.

1. CLEAR:Your statement shall rather be very comprehensible. The sender shall be clear about the intent of the message. A single and the key subject shall solely be highlighted. It is, when all the mentioned characteristics are kept in mind, the Receiver is able to perceive the purpose of the statement clearly and at one go.

2. CONCISE: Short and Crisp. A rule one could swear by, and the one that never goes wrong! Your message shall be precise with the inclusion of all the details in it. Remember! Every individual would be inclined towards reading or listening to the straight to the point messages.

3. CONCRETE: All the facts in the message shall be able to address the questions that might surface in the mind of the Receiver. There shall not be any case of misapprehension of information.

4. CORRECT: You should omit to commit any grammatical mistake. The message shall be drafted extremely meticulously.

5. COMPLETE: No point shall be slashed off from the message so as to devise a brief document in regards to the same. All the pertinent information shall be included in the statements. The intended recipient shall be aware of all the core details of the concerned message.

6. CONSIDERATION: Boldly underline the ‘You’ Strategem. Keep in mind the perception, sentiments, outlook and background of the Recipients. You have to mould your message in accordance with the specific characteristic structural form of the audience.

7. COURTEOUS: As earlier stated, you should respect the feelings of the recipient. Your message shall reflect optimism.

Thus, jot down the respective 7 C’s of Efficacious Communication in your Social Dictionary, whether personal or professional. Remember! You could attain incredible and expeditious communication goals with the inculcation of these particular elements in the process of dissemination of your information.

And, Well oh Well, the students of LBSGCM, the Top Management College in Lucknow are well acquainted with these Components of Enthralling Communication.

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